Tony Lang


Minnesota Sled Hockey Association, President

I joined MN Sled Hockey in 2010, with my son playing, shortly after his spinal cord injury.

It didn’t take long to see that programs like these CHANGE PEOPLES LIVES! Hockey and our program is the perfect vehicle to teach teamwork, hard work towards goals, foster life-long friendships, create ambition, happiness, and a source of pride for a group of kids and adults that this may be hard to find when life has thrown them a major “curveball”.

I am grateful that my son has been able to experience these benefits as he has grown up with a SCI. I am passionate and committed to sharing our program and these benefits with ANYONE who has a physical or cognitive disability.

Larry’s Hendrickson Foundation has allowed us to bring our program to the next level and reach as many people as possible – no limits! Larry’s legacy to me, is that “No child will be left behind”. No child will miss out because of financial reasons. Our program has become very high quality – all equipment provided (MN Wild equipment), multiple tournaments throughout the year with costs to the players and families kept to a very reasonable minimum, an annual national tournament (so high quality, that is best in the country) organized and fully funded by HF, and finally our annual Boundary Waters Sled Hockey Combine available to all MN sled players – all life changing events for are players, coaches, and families.

Many people and organizations talk about great ideas…HF simply GETS IT DONE!

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