The Hendrickson Foundation is proud to support the following hockey programs in Minnesota. For more information or to sign up to play, visit the team’s website.

Minnesota Sled Hockey

MN Sled hockey is for individuals with physical disabilities that do not allow for the player to stand on the ice such, as paralysis or loss of limb. For additional information about the MN Adult Sled Hockey program, contact Eric Rud at

Minnesota Special Hockey

MN Special Hockey is for individuals with developmental disabilities such as autism, downs syndrome, cerebral palsy, or muscle disorders. For additional information about the MN Special Hockey program, contact Jane Cashin at

USA/Minnesota Warriors

Minnesota Warriors Hockey is for military service members who have combat and/or non-combat related injuries and/or who are otherwise disabled. For additional information about the MN Warriors, please contact Derek Kottke at 651-245-5310.

Minnesota Blind Hockey

Minnesota Wild Blind Hockey is dedicated to providing children and adults with vision impairments the opportunity to participate in ice hockey. The program will focus on basic skating and hockey skills. We strive to promote and emphasize the development of sportsmanship, team spirit, increased confidence, pride, and team unity.

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Richfield, MN 55423