The Hendrickson Foundation is proud to support the following hockey programs in Minnesota. For more information or to sign up to play, visit the team’s website.

Minnesota Sled Hockey Association

Minnesota Sled Hockey Association provides opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in hockey and is dedicated to promoting societal awareness of the challenges and needs of persons who have physical disabilities.

Minnesota Special Hockey

Minnesota Special Hockey exists to enrich the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities through increasing their personal development and self-confidence on and off the ice.

USA/Minnesota Warriors

Minnesota Warriors Hockey is for military service members who have combat and/or non-combat related injuries and/or who are otherwise disabled.

Minnesota Blind Hockey

Minnesota Wild Blind Hockey is dedicated to providing children and adults with vision impairments the opportunity to participate in ice hockey. The program will focus on basic skating and hockey skills. We strive to promote and emphasize the development of sportsmanship, team spirit, increased confidence, pride, and team unity.

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2015 Forest Drive West
Richfield, MN 55423