Pat Elliot



Mayor of Richfield &
Partner, Elliot Law Offices, L.L.C.

How has hockey been a part of your life personally?
Long time fan and vicarious participant through my children. I always felt the game embodied the lessons of life I was trying to teach to my children.

How did you come to get involved with the Hendrickson Foundation?
Larry and I belong to the same gym and I became a captive audience for Larry’s incredible enthusiasm for the goals and aspirations he established for the Hendrickson Foundation. After attending one practice involving kids, their sleds and parents I saw why he was so dedicated. The interaction between the kids, their peers and parents was all it took to convince me the time sacrificed to help out would be richly rewarded.

The Hendrickson Foundation’s tagline is “Hockey changes lives.” How have you experienced this truth?
A hundredfold!

In a world filled with many charities and causes, what do you find unique or special about the Hendrickson Foundation?
The sense of purpose, esprit and reward.

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