Karla Olimb



I grew up in Richfield and have been blessed to know the Hendrickson family for over 40 years. Other than watching friends work out in Big Larry’s Garage and going to a game for social reasons, hockey was not a part of my life. But then I met my husband, Larry Olimb, and my eyes were quickly opened to the world of hockey and ALL THE AMAZING PEOPLE IN IT!

We have 3 children, my oldest has special needs and spent YEARS at the rink watching “my Larry” coach or his siblings play. One day I got a phone call from Larry Hendrickson asking if Nathaniel would like to play Special Hockey. It’s a phone call, for many reasons, that I will never forget. On that day, Nathaniel became a hockey player. He had a team. His siblings could cheer HIM ON! It’s beyond joy!

I am honored to be a part of the Hendrickson Foundation- I know first-hand that Hockey Changes Lives!

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