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Nick Boisvert

Minnesota Wild Blind Hockey

(pictured with Darby Hendrickson and Danny Hendrickson)

Q: What I love most about playing hockey?

A: I love spending time with people that are passionate about the game and being able to connect with people on a level only hockey players understand.

Q: What does hockey means to you?

A: Hockey is life! Hockey gives me hope, it’s a place I know I belong, and it’s my family

Q: What is your best hockey memory?

A: This years Summit Team USA against the celebrities I was able to play against Danny and Darby Hendrickson. Darby Hendrickson and me got into a play fight on the ice (Spartan love)

Q: What do your teammates mean to you?

A: My teammates are my family that I get to play hockey with! They’re the ones that show me what it’s like to have a family and belong.

Q: What would it be like without hockey?

A: When I lost my sight I thought I lost hockey forever I tried to find other things to fill the void but nothing worked nothing is like hockey or your teammates. I’m so thankful for MN giving everyone a change to play.

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