Dave Lenzmeier



Chief Executive Officer, Milk Specialties Global

Dairy industry entrepreneur David Lenzmeier, was raised on a dairy farm in Pearl Lake, Minnesota. Lenzmeier’ s career started at First District Association Dairy Cooperative located in Litchfield, MN, one of the early North American producers of whey protein. In 2000, he co-founded the nutritional ingredient company Protient. Lenzmeier, a 2013 E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Upper Midwest Winner, joined Milk Specialties Global in 2008 as the President, became the CEO in 2011 and still is today. David’s passion and dedication to help others shows through his work every day. David became a board member of Hendrickson Foundation in 2015. David is also a member of the University of Wisconsin River Falls Advisory Council where he is passionate about helping people develop their careers. David serves on the Board of Directors for the American Dairy Products Institute. David has been active in the community with many organizations but dedicates the largest amount of his time to the Hendrickson Foundation (HF). Growing up with a special needs brother who participated in Special Olympics, David knows the impact of activities for those less fortunate.

How has hockey been a part of your life personally?
I am a classic Minnesotan that grew up playing hockey in a pond behind our barn with family and neighborhood kids. My childhood was filled with skating parties and great times spent with friends. Growing up, I have been considered a “rink rat”, but my childhood passions were also in football and baseball. Today, I enjoy the time spent with my seven year old son who is enjoying mite hockey.

How did you come to get involved with the Hendrickson Foundation?
I am very fortunate that my children attend the same school as Dan Hendrickson’s children and through that connecting met the Hendrickson family; I have been able to get to know Dan and participate in such a strong, important organization.

The Hendrickson Foundation’s tagline is “Hockey changes lives.” How have you experienced this truth?
It’s personal! My wife Frankie and I both grew up in special needs families. As a child, I would attend Special Olympics events with my older brother and witness firsthand the wonderful impact it had on individuals and families. Once I understood what the foundation was doing, I was all in. I have lived the impact Special Olympics has made on so many and I am excited to be part of Hendrickson Foundation to help Minnesota Warriors, Sled and Special Hockey.

In a world filled with many charities and causes, what do you find unique or special about the Hendrickson Foundation?
This is an impact organization that is made up of people who have lived hockey and are now making the game possible for so many who normally would not. This organization is made up of true hockey people that are passionate about expanding the game.

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