Danny Hendrickson



HF Executive Director and Hendrickson Homes Real Estate

How has hockey been a part of your life personally?
Hockey has always been a center piece in my life. I grew up as a rink rat playing outside as much as possible. I played hockey for Richfield High School, the St. Paul Vulcans, the MN Gophers, along with 2 years in the ECHL and IHL. The memories and friendships created by playing hockey have made an extremely positive impact in my life. I still play whenever I can and have the same love for the game as I did as a kid.

How did you come to get involved with the Hendrickson Foundation?
The Hendrickson Foundation is a family passion. Our father, Larry, leads the way and my entire family benefits from being a part of the foundation. The foundation has been a great bonding experience for my sisters, Christine and Julie, along with my brother, Darby. We have been taught that when you give, you get. I am very thankful to be able to help others and be part of the growth of the foundation.

The Hendrickson Foundation’s tagline is “Hockey changes lives.” How have you experienced this truth?
Anyone that has been in a hockey locker room knows “Hockey changes lives.” Of course, it is positive to physically play the game, but the comradery and friendships created in the locker room is what makes hockey so special. The countless stories describing the positive impact for the athletes and their families with similar challenges is the most rewarding part of being part of this foundation.

In a world filled with many charities and causes, what do you find unique or special about the Hendrickson Foundation?
I believe there are many noble charities and am continually grateful for the support from individuals and companies that support the Hendrickson Foundation. The people within our foundation are what make us unique. We have an all star board that is built on passion and integrity. Everyone that is touched by the Hendrickson Foundation is better for it and thankful. Together, we change lives!

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