Christine Krsnik



Director Solution Sales, Microsoft

How has hockey been a part of your life personally?
I grew up as a Hockey Sister and appreciated the community that hockey provided to our family! Today I play hockey as an adult and respect the game, the players and believe hockey is for everyone and that Hockey Changes Lives of people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

How did you come to get involved with the Hendrickson Foundation?
My father is a passionate person, coach and mentor and asked me to be a part of this foundation. As the oldest child on the Hendrickson Team it is my honor to be a part of the foundation.

The Hendrickson Foundation’s tagline is “Hockey changes lives.” How have you experienced this truth?
I have been touched by hockey my entire life however I believe that this experience working with the athletes and the families that are changing their lives has certainly been inspirational for me.

In a world filled with many charities and causes, what do you find unique or special about the Hendrickson Foundation?
We are here to serve and grow the game! We can see our time, effort and resources going to work immediately for the people and we are growing the game every year!

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