How Did It All Start?

In 2011, Founder Larry Hendrickson was in contact with USA Hockey and they asked for help with growing disabled hockey in Minnesota…to help provide the opportunity to play hockey to those in wheelchairs, with a loss of limb, with intellectual disabilities, or who were injured serving our country. In short, Larry realized that Hockey Changes Lives for everyone who has the opportunity to play and everyone, including individuals with disabilities, deserve the opportunity to play. As Larry likes to tell it, “These people zero in not on what is different about them but what is the same. With time, they’ve forgotten they are different. After I met the people, how their lives were affected, it’s one of the greatest joys of my life.”

Naturally the Hendrickson Foundation was formed shortly after in partnership with Minnesota Hockey and USA Hockey. The mission: grow the game of hockey in Minnesota by being inclusive to individuals with mental and physical disabilities.

Mission: Grow The Game

These are our stories on hockey changing lives!

Over the years, we’ve heard countless stories about how hockey has changed the lives of players in the programs we support. We’ve learned how significant that benefit is for the players and their families, on and off-ice, it’s much bigger than hockey. Here are a few of those stories:

We believe this is bigger than hockey

The benefits the Hendrickson Foundation provides to people who use a wheelchair, have a loss of limb, have intellectual disabilities, or were injured serving our country in the military are significant. The values for life gained by the lessons from sport affect both the individuals and their families. Being on the ice improves physical and mental health. For many of these players, it’s the end of retreating inward and the beginning of reaching out socially to participate, create friendships, and have some fun!

The HF Supports MN Hockey’s Disabled Programs

  • Children and adults with intellectual disabilities
  • Children and adults with physical disabilities
  • Military veterans with combat, or non-combat related injuries
  • Children and adults with paralysis or loss of limb/amputations

Goals for the participants are:


Develop values for life gained by the lesson from sport


Developing a worthy future goal, based on education and training


Social integration for family, siblings, and friends


Improve physical health through exercise


Getting players out of the house and into the real social world


Giving players and families the joy of participating and competing


Developing strong friendships and relationships with new peer group


Developing confidence in personal assets -- not dwelling on limitations


Having fun -- putting a smile on their face


Changing Lives through Hockey!

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