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This is BIGGER than Hockey

The Hendrickson Foundation seeks to grow the game of hockey by including individuals with mental and physical disabilities.

The Benefits are significant

The values for life gained by the lessons from sport affect both the individuals and their families. Being on the ice improves physical and mental health. For many of these players, it is the end of retreating inward and the beginning of reaching out socially to participate, create friendships, and have some fun!


The Hendrickson Foundation knows that for every disabled hockey player we have on the ice today, there are literally hundreds who we've yet to reach. We will be tireless in our efforts to grow participation through awareness of our programs, as well as providing financial assistance to families in need. We also know we can't do it alone. 

Join us to grow the game and change lives with hockey  -  Support, Recruit, Play, Volunteer and Donate!

Hockey is for everyone!

The People who count

Whether the player uses a wheelchair, has had a loss of limb, has intellectual disabilities or was injured serving our country in the military, the Hendrickson Foundation supports a program for them.

Come Volunteer with us for 2018! Contact and sign up site coming soon!